Tanya Gordon

Tanya Gordon

About Tanya Gordon

Tanya has been in business for 15 years.

She has successfully built up a manufacturing business in a male-dominated industry and continues to do so. She is Chartered Manager and holds a Level 7 Executive Diploma in Strategic Management with the Chartered Manager’s Institute (CMI).

Having honed her skills over the years in business, she now helps other owners grow their businesses and fast-track their successes. She is passionate about helping others to thrive not just survive. She particularly likes processes to save you time and to help you gain the freedom you wanted when you started in business. She is a firm believer that work life and home life aren’t totally separate, especially when you start your business journey. So she takes a whole-of-life approach to her work with business owners, helping people to build sustainable, fulfilling, profitable businesses and rewarding lives.

She is also outnumbered by boys at home, as she lives with her husband and four of their five boys. It is a good thing she also has a sense of humour and doesn’t take herself too seriously. Even their Labrador is a boy! She is enthusiastic, pragmatic, honest (sometimes brutally), and gets sh*t done.


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