Kerry Boland

Kerry Boland

Business Growth Mentor & Sales Strategist

About Kerry Boland

Kerry Boland is a Business Growth Mentor & Sales Strategist, specialising in guiding impact-driven business owners to success. Through her no-nonsense and results-driven approach, Kerry empowers entrepreneurs to unlock their sales potential, making scaling their businesses for increased sales and success a reality.

As the Founder of The Growth Coaching Collective, Kerry seamlessly blends her passion for entrepreneurship with expertise in personal growth, sales strategy, and business mentoring.

With 18 years of sales experience, Kerry spent over a decade in the corporate world, training senior sales teams and C-suite executives on revenue-generating strategies.

Passionate about helping entrepreneurs move beyond an ad hoc approach to sales, Kerry provides strategies for guaranteed success. Kerry brings her unique approach to training, upskilling, and coaching individuals to achieve their dreams and live out their own version of success.


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