JP Hightek

JP Hightek

Global Branding & Media Expert

About JP Hightek

JP, a Global Branding & Media Expert, accomplished Number 1 Amazon Best-Selling Author, and a versatile professional excelling in cinematography, software development, photography, and technology solutions, proudly holds the position of President at Reveal TV Network.

Recognised as a trailblazing figure in the realms of personal branding and creativity, JP’s impactful leadership has earned him features in esteemed publications, including CNN, Bloomberg, ABC, NBC, Google News, Fox, Yahoo News, ESPN, and more.

In his role as the visionary founder of Perfect Zone Productions, hailed as one of the premier One-Stop Shop Media & Branding Agencies in Tennessee, JP has redefined the concept of a brand. His influence extends beyond conventional business boundaries, aiding individuals, entrepreneurs, organisations, and small business owners in discovering and embodying their distinctive, trademarked identity.

Boasting over 15 years of experience in the media, tech, and IT industry, JP also stands as the driving force behind Content Creators University. This digital school and community are dedicated to empowering creators to harness the power of technology and content creation for business success.

JP’s overarching mission is clear: to facilitate the rapid scaling of businesses, positioning them to dominate their respective industries.


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