Scaling With YouTube Ads: How To Target And Convert Purchase-Ready Prospects

April 11, 2024 @ 9:00 am - 9:40 am

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About Session

In this session, we will show you how to target your dream clients when they have their credit cards ready to purchase.

Today’s main problem with paid ads is that most platforms are overused and saturated, leading to increased costs and poor performance. Most people find that what worked 12 or even six months ago no longer works for them. This usually ends in burning money on marketing campaigns that don’t work anymore or a decrease in lead quality that no longer converts.

The next problem is that when most people try YouTube ads, they take the best ad, target what was working on Facebook, and wonder why it doesn’t work on YouTube. The reason is that YouTube ads are a completely different platform; they require different targeting strategies, different campaign structures, different scaling techniques, and even the way that the ads are structured is different.

The good news is that YouTube ads are a blue ocean of opportunity, with less than 8% of businesses in the USA using them to grow their businesses. When done properly, YouTube ads are far superior to any other ad platform available at the moment.

This presentation will show you how to not only target your dream clients when they have their credit cards out ready to buy but also how to convert them into purchase-ready prospects.

Hi, my name is Ben Jones, and I have helped a wide range of businesses generate millions in sales with YouTube ads. As co-founder of Titan Marketer, I specialize in helping businesses scale, with many reaching $100,000 in sales within the first 100 days using reliable YouTube ad strategies.

During this session, I will present the following:

You will get our complete credit card targeting method.
-How to only target your dream clients on YouTube
-How to target people based on how much money they earn so you only show your ads to people who can afford your products and services
-How to target people when they are ready to buy: this is intent targeting at its best; only show your ads to people at the moment they are looking to purchase.

Advanced YouTube ad targeting strategies to steal your competitors’ traffic ethically
-How to ethically steal your competitors’ traffic and send it straight to your website or funnel
-How to ethically steal traffic from your competitors’ YouTube channels and YouTube videos and send it straight to your website

Advanced Intent Targeting with YouTube Ads
-How to show YouTube ads to people who are searching for what you sell on Google and YouTube Search
-How to target people who are visiting your competitors’ websites
-Creative ways to target people based on the information they have on their phones

Then, we will move on to helping people convert into purchase-ready prospects.
-The proven YouTube ad structure you need to use
-How to run successful YouTube ads without uploading a video
-Our proven AI script-writing procedure creates winning YouTube ad scripts in minutes.

There is no preparation work necessary; just attend, and all will be revealed.


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