Navigating Success As A Creative: A Revolutionary Approach To Goal Setting

April 11, 2024 @ 1:40 pm - 2:20 pm

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About Session

Are you a content creator or business owner feeling stuck in the cycle of ‘shoulda, woulda, couldas’ instead of celebrating your own strides in success?

Do the conventional benchmarks of achievement seem out of sync with your creative vision?

Then it’s time to redefine the roadmap to success on your own terms! Join Hannah Roper for a transformative session, where she will help you unlock the full potential of personalised goal setting.

In this talk, Hannah will guide you through a new way of goal-setting to enable you to take the principles and tailor them to you and your creative business.

Discover how to:

  • Define what success truly means to you, breaking free from one-size-fits-all achievements.
  • Unleash the power of self-validation to create a business identity that resonates with your unique vision.
  • Reject ‘comparisonitis’ and focus on your unique journey without the weight of external pressures.
  • Master Hannah’s exclusive 3-step goal-setting method is designed to hit financial objectives, fuel your creative passion, and make a meaningful impact on your community.
  • Transform your goals from mere thoughts to tangible, actionable realities.

This session is a must-attend if you’re ready to step out of the shadows of ‘what ifs’ and into the light of ‘what will be’ with confidence and creativity.

Let Hannah Roper show you how to recalibrate your creativity towards a version of success that’s authentically yours. Say yes to empowerment, yes to creativity, and yes to a thriving business that reflects who you are.


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