Don’t Be a Quitter: Crafting a Creator Business You’ll Love Forever

April 11, 2024 @ 9:40 pm - 10:20 pm

  • Creator

About Session

Are you passionate about creating, but find the stress of running a business pushing you towards burnout and the brink of quitting? You’re not alone. Join us for an empowering session that will reignite your love for creating and empower you to build a sustainable creator business you’ll never want to quit.

In this transformative talk, Desiree Martinez, a seasoned Creator Economy Strategist, will guide you through the art of building a creator business that sets you free to do what you do best – create!

Discover real solutions to the burnout epidemic, explore the four pillars of a thriving creator business, and learn how to build a brand that can flourish independently, giving you the freedom to create without limits.


  • Recognizing the Burnout Trap: Understand why creators face burnout and how it leads to the urge to quit.
  • Blueprint for a Creator Business: Explore the four crucial elements every creator business should embrace.
  • Delegation Strategies: Learn how to gradually hand off tasks and systemize processes for scalable growth.
  • Building a Sustainable Brand: Discover the steps to create a brand that thrives independently of your direct involvement.


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